Thursday, October 30, 2008

Slideshow Added!

Hey all!

Most of you have checked out these pics at shutterfly already, we just wanted to play wıth the slideshow tool in blogger! (Plus, we were getting some complaints about speed, so hopefully this will help ın the future!)

If you start it backwards, there may be some new ones you haven't seen yet, otherwise, there all the same!

Stay tuned for more!

K and C

1 comment:

cat and bill said...

Hey K & C Looks like your having a great time. Have fun with Russ & Vera
Grandma is here with me and has been enjoying reading your blog and looking at all the pictures with me.
Grandma got a new car(it has a spoiler on the back, she's a hot rod grandma.) Love you guys and have fun.
Auntie CAT & Grandma