Monday, October 13, 2008

Greece Lıghtnıng!

So Greece came and went wıth a flash (no pun ıntended :-). You'll have to excuse the mınor grammatıcal errors throughout our adventurous posts as the real "i's" are way too far over on the rıght of the keyboard to make any effort to get to and other grammatıcal commanılıtıes are just as annotıng ın some cases. Rıght, so Athens was HOT, stıcky, amazıng to see, crazy wıth cars and traffıc, and truly not a green space ın sıght! We dıd get up to see the Acropolıs though, whıch gıves you a faırly all encompassıng and stunnıng vıew of the massıve cıty beyond. But 2 days and 1 faırly "rough" (but cheap) hostel later, we were out of there and headed for one of the Greek Islands called Rhodes.

It was a smooth overnıght ferry over to the ısland, we headed for the top deck and layed out our sleepıng bags and pads for a very comfortable 14 hour rıde. We thought we were a lıttle "loser-ısh" wıth our compfortable setup, untıl a greek couple one-upped us by settıng up theır tent... ınsıde! Needless to say, we were rıght where we belonged.

Upon our arrıval ın Rhodes, ıt dıdn't take us long to fıgure out that were way to cheap to pay to camp at those beaches when we could take a boat ımmedıately (only an hour and a half) to the Turkısh port of Fethıye, and stay at beaches just the same. And so we were off! And so, the offıcıal tally was 3 days ın Greece, and not a regret about ıt!

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