Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Get out your Parkas we're heading to the beach!!!

Well after 40 hours of flying and only about 3 of sleeping, we relived Monday May 18 for the third time and arrived in Van city to awesome welcome signs by Chrissi and Lane!!!

We got to their place and munched down on all our favorite goodies that we had been craving for the last few months before hitting the trail and doing some rollerblading. We then decided to head to the beach for a BBQ so we put on our parkas, winter hats, warm socks and headed down - This only led to confirm that yes we were back in Canada bc where else do you have to dress for winter to go to the beach!!

Anyway loving being back and heading to Alana and Michael's tonight for Killer Bunnies!!!

Love k and C

Bangkok - Seoul (Korea) - Vancouver CANADA!!!!

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Alana said...

Hey Guys - hope you had a safe flight home (for real this time) - it was REALLY great to see you! Can't wait for the next visit!