Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Food or Drinks Please!

After a few days in Bangkok we headed out to Koh Phi Phi, a beautiful island to celebrate the midge's big 30th birthday!!! We rented a beautiful cabin overlooking the beach, went snorkeling, swimming and visited the island they filmed the movie "The Beach" on. It was beautiful.

We then went for a romantic sunset cruise which consisted of us jumping into a old long boat that was falling apart a little, getting drenched by the salt waves for two hours and then them throwing us a Styrofoam box of fried rice to eat for dinner and pineapple off a garbage can lid. I guess we should have known:-)

After that we switched islands to Koh Lanta where because it's off season we got a sweet ass deal on a cabin and have had the beach and the resort to our selves for the past four nights (well minus Saturday). They have signs up all over the resort saying food from outside was forbidden, so we were sneakily eating our peanuts and mango - that is until the Thai's shouwed up on Saturday night and proceeded to bring in:
  • rice cookers
  • buffet meals which they somehow cooked and ate by the pool
  • sandwich makers
  • 26s of JW
  • Coolers
  • chips, pop, cookies, chocolate
  • plates, cups,
  • inflatable rafts AND a pump
  • chairs
  • and anything else they could think of
We then looked at each other and realized we had alot to learn.

Anyway today we off to a few buses and an overnight boat to Koh Toa an island on the east side to chill out some more and do some snorkeling. Miss you all!

Love k and C

Bangkok - Koh Phi Phi - Koh Lanta


JennyD said...

Ohhh Koh Tao was my absolute FAVOURITE place in Thailand! I'll cross my fingers for good weather, hope you enjoy it!!
love love,
Jenny xo

Kails said...

speaking of not being allowed outside food....we went to a roman ruin in Paris, and there was a list of rules, one being "do not drink water unless otherwise indicated." ?

Hope you're having fun on the islands!

Tanya Manoryk said...

Happy Belated 30th Birthday Cory! Hope you had a wonderful end to your trip! Can't wait to see you both in person soon to catch up!