Saturday, May 16, 2009

Van City, here we come!

Ladies and gentlemen,
after a big ol' long time, we are heading home! The beaches in Thaiworld have been a wonderfully warm (ok, shit hot) way to end our journey... on this side of the world that is! We both have a feeling that meeting up with friends in Vancouver over the next week may top even the wildest India had to offer! So we say farewell to the foreign world and hello to our native soil, for which we have developed a longing over the last 2 weeks! HOWEVER; as our trip is nowhere near officially over, we can not justify saying our goodbyes to our amazing and appreciated followers just yet. So brace yourself for one more post (or maybe two), that will only be 3 hours behind instead of 12 hours ahead! So close!

Love you all,
K and C
P.S. On a side note, 8 pm tonight will hopefully mark the official end of 16 days of consecutive sweating (If it doesn't, we're joining one of those hyper-hydrosis clinics when we get back).

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Tanya Manoryk said...

Looking forward to the last couple of posts! I've thoroughly enjoyed following your trip over these past months. I miss you guys!