Friday, February 13, 2009

KO'd in Kathmandu!

Hey all!

Well, we finally made it to Nepal! What a nice change, still lots of horns and lots of pollution, but a hell of a lot better than India, and nobody yelling "look my shop"! Our first impression of Nepali's is a great one!

We went out for a nice dinner last night (still craving the Indian food ;-) and got back home and crashed... quite literally. It was about 1:00am when I started barfing and about 2:00am when Kristin so lovingly joined me and added some shitting too! I almost feel sorry for the toilet. I'm up and moving slowly, but Kristin is still out for the count 16 hours later. Hopefully by tomorrow we'll be back in action.

We went to see the school where I'll be teaching a couple of days ago... what a difference from Maitreya! You can really see that Maitreya has some serious financial backing, as the entire school is constructed of Bamboo! But the kids are sooooooooo much more adorable (they will melt your heart once we get some pics of them sent to you)! Due to midterm exams, I will now actually begin one week later, which ends up working out great as an opportunity came up for me to teach an English course to 120 taxi drivers for 3 hours a day over the next 2 weeks! Really quite exciting.

Tomorrow we're having dinner with Karma and Neema, dear family friends of Judy, Rob, Vera, Russ, Kailee and Jamie, and then Sunday Kristin and I will head out to her ashram to say goodbye!

We hope you are all well and not barfing or shitting, and we miss you all dearly!

More to come,
Love K and C

P.S. For those of you following at home: Delhi --> Rishikesh --> Delhi --> Udaipur --> Pushkar --> Jaipur --> Agra --> Delhi --> Varanasi --> Delhi --> Kathmandu, Nepal!!!

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