Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Initiation into India

Sorry for the delay in getting to all of you but we have been very busy with all of our touring, eating and shopping.
Well we asked for an ashram and we got ashram - including the dal three meals a day and basic room and board!! At least it wasn't too spicy. A good intro for my system. After the first Yoga lesson at our place which was a little different and we decided was just okay we met a Swedish woman (also a trained yoga instructor) who was staying at our ashram. She was also dissapointed with the yoga and agreed to give us yoga lessons whenever and wherever we wanted. What a bonus. We had most of them on a platform right at the beach. It was fabulous. She was excellent and we fell in love with yoga again. There is nothing better than doing yoga on the beach with a flutist in the background and the sun setting in the distance. Our instructor, Brienne, was excellent. She was a great teacher and a really nice person. We did yoga in the morning and then again late afternoon. We could feel the difference between the beginning and end and we were very sorry to finish. When we get home I really want to get back into the yoga. It is so good for the body and soul. Another treat for us were the massages. We had three while we were there and they topped off our stay. Of course, we managed to get in a bit of shopping. We also toured the now falling apart ashram where the Beatles made the White Album. Walking on the streets outside of the ashram was another experience. Where else in the world would you have people walking, biking and on motorcycles along with dogs and cows. And the garbage is everywhere and that is what the animals eat, even the holy cow. There are horns going every minute of the day and night to warn you that a vehicle of some type is approaching from the rear. According to Kristin and Cory the ashram and the town of Rishikesh was a gradual initiation into India and it was a good start. It was also a great way for the two of us to spend some time together. It was very relaxing and what could be more Indian than yoga:-)

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