Friday, December 5, 2008

If I were Prime Minister of India, the first thing I would do would be....

  • Build a road to my village
  • Let everyone go to school
  • Give everyone a bicycle
  • Help the poor
  • Give clothes to everyone
  • Provide medicine and health care to more people
  • Build a school for kids
  • Give electricity to the villages in the north
  • Get rid of bad policemen
  • Provide food for the poor
  • Let everyone play cricket
  • Not allow fighting

Answers given by grade sixes and sevens at our school. We would love it if any of you teachers in Canada would ask your kids the same questions to see what kind of answers they came up with? It would be quite different I would think.

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Tanya Manoryk said...

This really makes you think about how lucky we are! I'd almost be afraid of what kids in a priviledged country would say...