Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hot Lunch!! Pick up your Hot Lunch here!!

Dhaba - Wallas

Mumbai has over 5,000 dhaba wallas - who are workers that deliver hot lunches to hungry office workers all over the city. They pick up lunch boxes from restaurants, and homes (where the wives have made lunch for their husbands) and carry them in hundreds on heads, bicycles and trains to a centralized sorting spot in the city. They are then sorted using a sophisticated system of numbers and colours (as many of the dhaba wallas are illiterate) which is used to determine where the lunches will end up.

More then 200,000 meals are delivered each day - always on time, rain, monsoon, or shine. It is said that there is only one mistake for every 6 million lunches delivered!!! and this is a country that is famous (to travellers anyway) for things being late, disorganized and chaotic! Who would have thought!

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