Monday, April 27, 2009

40 days and 40 nights!

Can you believe it? We're done trekking in Nepal! Russ Gillman herded us all down our final set of stairs (of about 20,000 this week) this morning and we are all happy but exhausted. He worked his ass off and has decided it only fitting to provide his own account of the last 7 days trekking (which is great 'cause as per the comments, apparently you've heard enough from us!). We're all heading back for a nap shortly and then off to bar hop from happy hour to happy hour (Russ says beer makes him feel better). It was a great trek, and thank god we're done!
Love K and C
P.S. We've posted the rest of the Annapurna pics.
P.P.S. For those of you following at home: Kathmandu --> Trekking --> Kathmandu --> Trekking --> Pokahara --> Trekking --> Pokahara --> Happy Hour!

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Vera said...

congratulations on the successful completion of another trek...awaiting your account Russ, with bated breath