Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lessons from India

Throughout our travels in India we have learned many things and wanted to share them with all of you, in case you shall ever travel here.

  1. If you ask somone a question and they answer by nodding their head side to side, it can mean yes, no, maybe or I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.
  2. Road Rules = There are none
  3. If it is faster it is perfectly okay to drive against traffic in the wrong lane on the highway (or any other road for that matter).
  4. Just becuase the Lonely Planet says there is a bank machine in a town does not mean they are right.
  5. If in fact Lonely Planet is right and there is a bank machine, always remember in order for it to work you need electricity. If for some reason the whole three days you are staying in a town and there is no electircy for that time it does not matter if there is a bank machine. This will result in you walking up and down the main road looking for some guy name Pappa who owns a shoe store who will convert your american dollars to Indian Ruppees for a small commission.
  6. If it burns going in, it is going to burn coming out.
  7. If there are 5 seats in a car you multiply that by 5 and that's how many should be in the car at all times.
  8. It's rude not to stare.
  9. You don't need to ask where the public toilet is, it's everywhere.
  10. Horns are a genre of music.
  11. If the job can be done by hiring one person, hire ten.
  12. There is always a boy who will do it.
  13. Buy a car with no rear view mirrors (this will avoid the hassle of them getting ripped off - and yes they do make them).
  14. Bicycles rule pedestrians, autorickshaws rule bicycles, cars rule autorickshaws, trucks rule cars, buses rules trucks, and cows rule all.
  15. Looking is Free!!!

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