Friday, November 21, 2008

Got It India

Well we said good bye to Russ and Vera after an amazing trip (more detials on that to follow:-)and flew at 4:30 am after a fun night of sleeping at the airport to Crazy Mumbai (formerly Bombay). We landed in Mumbai not knowing what to expect - hopped in a cab and held on for dear life - there are no road rules and it is okay to scrape the car beside you!

On the ride to the hotel got a look at the city - there is 15 million people living there half of which live in slums or are homeless. It was a pretty sad drive - people are living everywhere, on the shoulder of the highways tarps (homes) are set up, every piece of land has someone living in it - people were sleeping on the islands of the highway, there is no sidewalks because people are sleeping and living on them - it was huge change from turkey and sad adn unbelieveable to not only the poverty but the amount of people living with no homes or water.

We managed to find a place to stay and then tried out luck at eating out and it was amazing!!!!!! The best indian food we have ever had and since then we cannot stop eating everything we see - the food is so full of flavour and taste!! and you can get a gourment meal for two for $7.00! I reccomend coming to India just for the food!

From Mumbia we headed to Mahabaleshwar south and east 8 hours a nice town in the hills and the strawberry capital of the country so we of course had our fill!!

From there we took an interesting ride to Goa, which started by hoping into a cab in Mahabalshwar which drove at least 80 km/hour on a mountain ridge and a one lane road with cars, buses and trucks coming head on and no one pulling over just both drivers hoking at eachother. I had the luck of sitting in the front seat which i don't know if i hated it more or the driver because of my constant scared cries for him to slow the hell down!!!

The cabbie dropped us off at the bus where we got on a sleeper bus to Goa, which is a normal bus made into beds only and no chairs. I use the term sleeper loosely as although we did sleep (a little), I question whether they might change the name to bouncer bus or are you driving on a fuckin' road, or straight down a rocky cliff bus or is there a kid driving the bus, or is the man driver just blind bus or the bounce so high in your sleep you hit your stomach on the ceiling bus or just discount tours, as in discount being alive when you get there!!! Yup' those would be better names for the company.

We are now in GOA where it is hot!!! and beautiful, its right on the coast, so we are chilling out, tanning and hopefully drinking a few beers for a week and then we fly to the school that we are working at.

India has been a great surprise so far - we are both loving it and the food!!! Speaking of which there's a bakery we have to go hit up!!!

Love K and C

For those of you following at home: Mumbai --> Mahabaleshwar --> Goa (Panaji first, then Anjuna Beach)

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